Why Michelin-starred Paste Bangkok’s ‘Chef Bee’ is on a mission to save food’s ‘soul’

“From the time we decided we wanted to do it, it took about 14, 15 years. So we studied a lot, sometimes we did not eat anything but Thai food because we wanted to understand the flavours.”

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– Chef Bee Satongun

WG Magazine Pg 123 – 135 : Queen “Bee” of Thai Heirloom Cuisine

“To resurrect traditional Thai flavours and revitalise them for contemporary diners. I will go through an extensive process of testing and refining a dish, referring to the original recipe but also questioning how to reinvent it.” 

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– Chef Bee Satongun

Paste | Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2019
What makes it stand out: Paste is a study in Thai culinary history. Chef-owners Bongkoch ‘Bee’ Satongun and her husband Jason Bailey have spent years painstakingly studying and chronicling the evolution of Thai cuisine, discovering century-old recipes and long-forgotten techniques in the process.

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 Innovative Thai cuisine with respect for tradition

“Menus change regularly but diners can expect intensely flavoured, colourful dishes such as the char-grilled langoustine salad with northern Thai forest ingredients, or the beef rib, braised for 12 hours and served with long pepper, roasted tomatoes and mushroom soy.”.

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– San Pellegrino Worlds 50 Best Restaurants

elit® Vodka Asia’s Best Female Chef 2018

Bongkoch ‘Bee’ Satongun has dedicated most of her life to rediscovering and reviving the authentic flavours of classic Thai cuisine. Together with chef-husband Jason Bailey, she has carved a unique place in Bangkok’s diverse gastronomic scene with restaurant Paste, where she showcases refined versions of traditional Thai dishes that reflect the country’s heritage with layered flavours and textural contrasts.

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Behind the scenes video

– San Pellegrino Worlds 50 best restaurant

5 Questions With Bee Satongun On Bangkok’s Culinary Scene

“Satongun grew up in her family’s small eatery in Bangkok, helping her mother prepare classic Thai dishes but didn’t pursue a culinary career till she met and married Australian chef Jason Bailey at the age of 28. Her husband’s passion for Thai food was infectious and Satongun trained under him to learn to recreate the flavours of her childhood.”

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– Michelin Guide Bangkok

One Star: Michelin Guide Bangkok 2019

The designed-to-share menu draws inspiration from royal Thai cuisine and uses century-old cooking techniques with ingredients often sourced directly from local growers. 
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– Michelin Guide Bangkok

One Star: Michelin Guide Bangkok 2018
“Bongkoch “Bee” Satongun has dedicated her career to exploring and breathing new life into classic Thai cuisine, going so far as to digging deep into historical cookbooks and reviving forgotten recipes. Inspired by her study on the first-ever recorded recipe for Tom Kha soup from the 19th century, she created a refined version of the creamy coconut soup with free-range chicken, chilli jam and plankton paste.”

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– Michelin Guide Bangkok

 Winner: Best Thai Fine Dining
‘Once the underdog of Thai fine dining, Paste proved in 2017-18 that it’s every bit as relevant as its contemporaries. Michelin star: check. Asia’s 50 Best nod: check. And now, its highest ever position in BK’s Top Tables, where it sits above every other Thai restaurant that made this year’s guide.’
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– Top Tables

Top tables 2019 : Bangkok’s 100 best restaurants
“Across increasingly sophisticated tasting menus, the chefs introduce a plethora of rare herbs and ingredients: from edible hummingbird flowers in your smoky southern yellow curry with red spanner crab, all the way down to salt from Nan province that they say is smoother than sea salt. No longer confined to the history books, these vibrant, complex dishes also manage to offer something new and beautiful.”

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– BK Magazine

Bee Satongun: Something old, something new
“Each dish at the restaurant, Satongun says, is around 80% traditional and 20% innovation – “something old, something new” – and she and Bailey… like to travel the length and breadth of Thailand in search of inspiration and new ingredients, particularly rare herbs”

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– Fine Dining Lovers

Four news : Bee Satongun as Asia’s Best Female Chef 2018

“Renowned for her technical expertise and creative flair, Satongun creates dishes that are defined by their authentic flavours, contrasting textures and attention to detail. Striking a delicate balance between tradition and innovation, Satongun reinterprets traditional Thai cuisine in a modern context, combining ancient and contemporary techniques alongside surprising twists.”

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– Four Magazine

10 of the best Michelin-rated restaurants in Bangkok
“Satongun champions ancient recipes and quality ingredients, adding modern twists and sourcing authentic tastes from underrated places such as Nan province in the north.”

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– The Guardian

An exclusive interview with Asia’s Best Female Chef, Bee Satongun

Renowned for her commitment to traditional Thai cooking, Chef Bee looks to centuries-old Thai cookbooks for references to resurrect long-forgotten recipes and rare ingredients. The award-winning chef began working at her family’s local restaurant before she opened Paste in 2015 with her Australian-born husband and fellow chef Jason Bailey, which was awarded its first Michelin star last year. Full article here.

– Lifestyle Asia

Thai restaurants reach for the Michelin stars

‘Bee Satongun and Jason Bailey have delved deep into Thai history to make 17th century relish made with white pepper and early 20th century salads and brought these little-known recipes right into the 21st century. A sweet river prawn salad is elevated with locally sourced spices like the Chiang Mai cousin of Sichuan peppercorns and flavour-packed seaweed powder, an example of old dishes with new twists.’ – Full article here.

– Good Food


Chef Bee Satongun is Thailand chef ambassador per Gault&Millau guide

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– Gault&Millau

Nom Magazine

2018 亞洲最佳女主廚:來自泰國的 Bongkoch Satongun  –  Full article here.

– Nom Magazine

Most Loved Thai Restaurant

We are bursting out with happiness seeing Paste, one of our favourite Thai restaurants, win first place in this category. Chef Jason Bailey and Bongkoch “Bee” Satongun have successfully blended ancient Thai recipes with state-of-the-art cooking techniques, resulting in creations that are favored by Bangkok’s most discerning diners

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 – Time Out Magazine

Paste Bangkok Restaurant : Modern, Innovative Thai Food

‘Traditional Thai dishes from all regions of the country are to be found here, but done with beautiful creative twists and a total attention to taste combinations enough to wow the most discerning diner.’ ‘

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– USA Today Travel

An Artisanal Thai Culinary Delight

This is no mere fusion or run-of-the-mill Thai restaurant. No, Paste Bangkok is much more. It is built on history, passion and a love for aristocratic Thai cuisine. The recipes and menu are inspired by renowned Thai families and aristocrats that have refined their recipes over many centuries. 

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– Shayan Naveed

Look East Magazine

The flavors come from the freshness of the ingredients, rather than being an over-reaching attempt at confusing attempts of fusion—much in line with traditional Thai ‘ 

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– Look East Magazine

The Wall Street Journal

‘The menu pays homage to the integrated, citrusy flavors of central Thai cooking, many dishes incorporate the earthiness and Yunnanese ingredients of northern Thailand.’ 

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– The Wall Street Journal

Best Thai Fine Dining Restaurant in Bangkok

‘Paste is a restaurant in Bangkok that leads the scene in modern Thai food. Their ingredients are of extreme high quality and care is put into every detail of dish preparation, without holding back on the flavors the way they are supposed to be.’ 

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– Mark Wiens

Bangkok Post – Guru Magazine

“Paste does a lot more than rehash old Thai recipes, injecting interest and enthusiasm to the scene. Smart Navigation of tradition and innovation.” 

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– Bangkok Post.